7 Degrees West - Painting with Charles McAuley, Red Bay

7 Degrees West - Painting with Charles McAuley, Red Bay

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Cushendall, Glens of Antrim, Red Bay, River Dall





05min 04sec




Betacam SP

black and white


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As Charlie Witherspoon continues his tour of the Glens of Antrim his next stop leads him to one of many McAuleys in the area. Charles McAuley, however, decided to go against the stream when choosing his profession. He followed his calling and became a professional painter. Charlie meets Charlie by the river Dall where the painter is working on another piece. Charles McAuley talks about his beginnings, where he finds his inspiration and shares his thoughts on becoming famous and what his ideal painting would be.

This report was shot for a series called 7 Degrees West, a kind of early forerunner of Lesser Spotted Ulster, which saw features on old traditions and off-the-beaten-track places. Although the complete programmes, which included studio material, have gone from the archives, a number of these filmed location shoots featuring Charlie on his bike have survived. Look out for others in the Digital Film Archive.


Charles McAuley (1910–1999) was an Irish painter. He was born on 15 March 1910 at Lubatavish, Glenaan, near Cushendall, the youngest of eight children in a family whose forebears had inhabited the Glens for many generations.

McAuley pursued painting from an early age, in a rural area when farming was one of the main sources of life and income. He went on to become one of Ireland's most celebrated landscape and figurative painters, his work synonymous with the Glens of Antrim. 


Presented by Charles Witherspoon.

Interviewee is Charles McAuley.


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