Kelly: Caron Keating, Dickie Rock, Derek Batey and other guests

Kelly: Caron Keating, Dickie Rock, Derek Batey and other guests

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Ulster Television studios




Transmission 19/01/1990


1hr 17min 41sec




Betacam SP



Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, UTV Archive

Rights Holder


It is illegal to download, copy, print or otherwise utilise in any other form this material, without written consent from the copyright holder.


Gerry Kelly welcomes guests and live audience to another evening of music and conversations in Northern Ireland’s popular chat show.

The first guests to join Kelly in the studio are the stars of Blue Peter, Caron Keating and Valerie Singleton who share memories and highlights of their work on the programme. The next guest is a well know Irish show band performer Dickie Rock. Dickie is joined by Gerry Anderson and Sammy Smith and together they reminisce about the show band days of glory, the swinging sixties.

Other guests of the night include a collector of showband memorabilia Bobby Hanvey, a TV presenter best known for Mr & Mrs gameshow Derek Batey and finally Sylvia Roddell, Carol Whitten and Glen Pool. The two women from Portadown set up the Improbable Possible organisation to fulfil dreams for children with serious conditions. Carol and Sylvia tell a bit more about their work and Glen describes his dream-come-true meeting with Bon Jovi. Musical guests performing in this programme are Dickie Rock, Seven and the resident duo Bacaan.


The programme also includes a short excerpt from BBC’s Blue Peter featuring elephant in the studio 00:11:13 – 00:12:12 (Courtesy of BBC Television).


Guests: Caron Keating, Valerie Singleton, Dickie Rock, Gerry Anderson, Sammy Smith, Bobby Hanvey, Carol Whitten, Sylvia Ruddell, Glen Pool, Derek Batey, Seven, Bacaan, Billy Murray

Presented by Gerry Kelly
Director: Bill Armstrong
Producer: David Donaghy
Cameras: Gil Henderson
Sound: Alan Dwyer
Lighting: Gary Dixon
Console Operator: Dennis Mulholland
Props: Jimmy McConnell
Make Up: Sheila Dundee
Aston: Mary McCleave
Floor Manager: Jim Starrett
Vision Mixer: William Scott
Vision Supervisor: Allen McMurtry
Title Music: Jingle Jangles
Designer: Christopher George
Research: John Daly
Production Assistant & Research: Sara Bell

Ulster Television Production


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