Lesser Spotted Ulster: Lower Bann

Lesser Spotted Ulster: Lower Bann

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Lower Bann, Mount Sandel, Mountsandel, Portna






23min 44sec







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In his episode of Lesser Spotted Ulster, Joe Mahon explore the Lower Bann and the area around. The Lower Bann flows from Lough Neagh at Toome and then flows up to the north and into the ocean. It is a canalised waterway with five navigation locks at Toome, Portna, Movanagher, Carnroe and Castleroe and is famous for salmon and eels. The river is very popular with water sports enthusiasts, anglers and cruisers and has minimal commercial traffic. 

Thanks to the local experts, we get to learn about salmon life journey, about the history of linen industry in the area and even get some tips on proper techniques of paddling. The guys of the Rivers Agency explain their work in regulating the flow of water and salmon in the river and a little trip to Mountsandel, a mesolithic site on the banks of Bann, gives us an insight into the history of what in known to be the earliest settlement in Ireland.


Presented by Joe Mahon

Thanks to: 

Jim McNamara
Seamus Connor
Jim Allen
Alison Harbinson
Philip McKee
Robin Ruddock
Noel Quigg


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