Make It Pay: Metal Work (Series 2 / Episode 4)

Make It Pay: Metal Work (Series 2 / Episode 4)

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Belfast, Ulster Television studios




Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


1 inch



25min 40sec




Department for Communities, ITV, PRONI, UTV Archive

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      In today‚Äôs episode of Make It Pay, we have a look at metal work. Stephen Atkinson takes us step by step through various techniques applied in this craft. He also advises on affordable tools which enables you to do your craft at home and make some profit. Using these tools and simple methods for working with metal, viewers can learn how to make a variety of products such as candle holders, table lamps and more. Second craft of the day is much less hardware heavy. All you really need for flower pressing is flowers, a pressing device, glue and paper (and two copies of the X chromosome apparently, as this a ladies craft exclusively). 

In the studio, Maxine Mawhinney interviews Marta Rogoyska, an artist and tapestry weaver, who works by commision. Marta explains the ins and outs working on commision and offers advice on how to go about it.


Presented by: Stephen Atkinson

Interviewer: Maxine Mawhinney 

Guest: Marta Rogoyska

Designer: Andy Johnstone

Produced & Directed by: Alan Hailes 



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