Make It Pay: Rocking Horses (Series 3 / Episode 2)

Make It Pay: Rocking Horses (Series 3 / Episode 2)

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Belfast, Havelock House, London, Ulster Television studios, Wembley





25min 06sec




1 inch



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      Second in the woodworking line up is a traditional children’s toy, a rocking horse. The host, Stephen Atkinson, explains what tools and materials are most suitable and take us through the different stages of rocking horse production.  Designed to stimulate your imagination and encourage your creativity, Make It Pay is a programme for all those who would like to make their hobby pay.

Let’s not forget this is the 80’s and we cannot do without a generous dose of gender stereotyping. “Now there’s a very positive young lady” he said in a patronising voice. Well, who wouldn’t want a nice little condescending pat on a head from Mr. Atkinson. Today’s interviewee is the above mentioned young lady, Lucinda Leech, who also happens to be a successful furniture maker and lecture on how to set up a small business. Stephen Atkinson meets her at a woodworking show in Wembley, London.


Presented by: Stephen Atkinson

Interviewee: Lucinda Leech

Designer: Andy Johnstone

Produced & Directed by: Alan Hailes



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