Na Dódaí - Series 1, Episode 9 - Am Béile (Meal Time)










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Na Dódaí are hungry - it is time for breakfast. Nóra helps them choose the right food, although Naoise tries to eat spaghetti and cake! They sing their breakfast song and dance round the table before the magic bubble machine takes us to meet two brothers who are enjoying a healthy breakfast together.

Naoise is still hungry - it is time for a snack and they all make magic sandwiches before Nóra tells them a story about a little boy who eats so much that he has no room left for his own birthday cake. After the story, they all do their exercises before it is time to say goodbye to their friends.

Tá ocras ar Na Dódaí – am bricfeasta atá ann. Cuidíonn Nóra leo an bia ceart a roghnú, cé go dtugann Naoise iarraidh spaigití agus císte a ithe! Ceolann siad a n-amhrán bricfeasta timpeall an tábla sula nglacann meaisín na mboilgeacha muid chuig an bheirt deartháireacha atá ag baint sult as bricfeasta sláintiúil a ithe lena chéile. 


Na Dódaí, Imagine Media’s landmark series for young Irish learners, is produced for BBC NI with support from the Irish Language Broadcast Fund.


Seo iad na Dódaí / Na Dódaí are: Nuala Ní Néill, Aoife Nic Ardghail, Miléne Ní Fhaogáin and Póla Ní Gharmaile
Léiritheoir Feidhmeanach an BBC / Executive Producer for the BBC: Kieran Hegarty (nach maireann)
Léiritheoir Feidhmeanach Imagine Media / Executive Producer for Imagine Media: Michael McGowan
Léiritheoir Sraithe / Series Producer: Fiona Keane
Stiúrthóir / Director: Steve Finn



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