Tour of Grundig factory in Dunmurry

Tour of Grundig factory in Dunmurry

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Belfast, Dunmurry





01min 55sec




1 inch

black and white


Digitised as part of the UTV Archive Partnership Project (ITV, Northern Ireland Screen and PRONI)


Department for Communities, ITV, Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, UTV Archive

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Male visitors (supposedly the director and his VIP guests) are taken on a tour of the new Grundig factory in Dunmurry. Views of women at work skilfully assembling grundig tape recorders and demonstrating various stages of the manufacturing process. Footage also includes exterior shots of the factory and a parking lot with assorted 50’s and 60’s car models.

In 1960 Grundig expanded beyond Germany for the first time, establishing a tape recorder factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Originally shot on cine.

Grundig factory is linked to the tragic case of kidnapping and murder of Thomas Niedermayer, general manager of the Belfast plant of Grundig. Niedermayer, who moved to Northern Ireland towards the end of the 1960s together with his family to help sustain employment in Northern Ireland, worked for the giant German electronics firm Grundig, which had a factory at Dunmurry, employing around 800 people in the manufacture of tape-recorders. He was also the West German consul in Northern Ireland. He was kidnapped from his home on the 27th of December 1973 and missing for almost 7 years.

Kidnapping is believed to be a response of the Provisional IRA to the imprisonment of the Price sisters earlier that year. Downing Street revealed to the police several years later that they had, indeed, been in short-term negotiations with the IRA over Niedermayer, but that these had suddenly ceased without explanation. His body was located in 1980 when the investigation was eventually reopened.




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