Unforgettable Moments: Northern Ireland During World War Two

Unforgettable Moments: Northern Ireland During World War Two

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North Coast, R.A.F. Aldergrove, Richhill





07min 42sec





black and white, colour


RMC Media Partnership


Northern Ireland War Memorial, RMC Media Partnership

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RMC Media Partnership

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Compilation film detailing life in Northern Ireland during World War Two and how the region contributed to the war effort.



Shot List

World War Two rally and recruitment drive in Richhill, County Armagh.

Footage depicting how much of life and society in Northern Ireland proceeded as normal, including a wedding in Scotland. A children's birthday party in Armagh represents a rare break from the strict food rationing that was introduced in 1940.

Various agricultural and food production images. A tractor is seen ploughing a field and front gardens are dug up, all, part of the ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign which was set up during WWII by the British Ministry of Agriculture. Men and women across the country were encouraged to grow their own food in these times of harsh rationing.

Footage of military aircraft and personnel including 502 Squadron - who were based at R.A.F. Aldergrove. Children are shown playing with buckets and sand at the beach, whilst the RAF practice their bombing runs along the north coast.

Shots of men golfing and children playing. A child is shown putting on a gas mask.

Various images of local servicemen and women, shown individually and parading en masse.

Pictures of some of the war fundraising events that were held across Northern Ireland. Also, some of the activities put on to entertain the troops, including men participating in a tug-of-war and competing in the high-jump.

Footage showing the celebrations and festivities of May 1945 to mark the German forces surrender to the Allies.


Produced by RMC Media Partnership.

Archive Production: Robert McCormick / Fran Rowlatt-McCormick

Editor: Joe Marcus

Features original cine-film from Charles Lamb (Richhill) / The Richardson Family / Maynard Sinton (Moyallan) / 502 Squadron (Ulster Flying Club)



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