A Master Move

A Master Move

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circa 1922


circa 1922






35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


British Pathe


British Pathé

Rights Holder

British Pathé

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Michael Collins secretly brings troops by sea and succeeds in turning rebels flank. On 7 August 1922, directed and planned by General Emmet Dalton, the ´Arvonia´ brought Free State troops to the heart of Irregular territory and landed them close to Cork City at Passage West. Republican resistance quickly collapsed. Collins arrived soon after (given the credit by Pathe Gazette) but was killed later in the month at Beal na Blath.


This footage also appears in the item 'First National Transport lands Dublin Guards on the Western Front'. This item was probably part of a compilation covering events of the First World War but made after the war was over. Although the intertitle for 'First National Transport' claims that the footage shows troops on the Western Front at the start of the Big Push, the footage is actually of the Irish Army in the 1920s and likely to be accurately depicted in this item about Michael Collins' Free State troops. Although inaccurate descriptions of footage in the newsreels is problematic for contemporary researchers, the use of library footage was standard practice within the newsreel industry. Cinema newsreel audiences were less sophisticated in their anaylsis of on screen news than modern viewers and often accepted inaccurate footage as 'the real thing'.

Shot List

'Ireland. A Master Move. Michael Collins secretly brings troops by sea and succeeds in turning rebels flank. Pathe Gazette.' View of soldiers leaving a ship. General view of rows of soldiers marching with rifle resting on shoulder and carrying kit bags.


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