Fall of Limerick

Fall of Limerick

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29/07/1922 (of event)






35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


National Film and Television Archive


British Film Institute

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British Film Institute

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Disagreement between pro and anti-Treaty factions led to the Irish Civil War which lasted until May 1923. The war extended into the Irish countryside and urban centres such as Limerick which displayed fierce anti-Treaty rebellion. The Irregulars attempted to hold a line west of the Shannon after their failure in Dublin and took control of Limerick. This footage shows the fall of Limerick at the end of July 1922. Michael Collins, in overall command of the National Army, was killed the following month.


In Limerick, the anti-treaty IRA held four military barracks and most of the town. Fighting broke out between them and Free state units in the city on the 11th of July 1921. After three days of street fighting the Republicans evacuated the city and retreated south. Eight Free State troops died in Limerick and up to thirty Republicans.

Shot List

'Topical Budget. Fall of Limerick. Exclusive pictures taken by a Topical Staff cameraman with the National Army. Passed by Irish Government Censor'. 'These are the first pictures which show the organisation and established military system now under the supreme command of General Michael Collins'. View from above of the River Shannon. Close up damaged buildings including a church.


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