The Battle of Belleek

The Battle of Belleek

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June 1922


01min 39sec




35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


National Film and Television Archive and the IFA


British Film Institute

Rights Holder

British Film Institute

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The recapture of the border town of Beleek that was seized by the Sinn Feiners. At the end of May 1922 Joe Sweeney, commander of the pro-Treaty forces in Co Donegal, occupied Pettigo, a town that straddled the Donegal/Fermanagh border and soon the ´Belleek - Pettigo Triangle´ (the portion of Fermanagh contained by Lower Lough Erne) looked as if it would fall to the Free State. Fifty A-Specials arrived by boat and commandeered Magherameenagh Castle only to be driven out by the Free State forces. Churchill ordered several hundred troops with artillery to converge by land and water on Belleek and Pettigo. The two villages were surrounded and shelled by howitzers. three IRA men and one Special Constable were killed. The final operation is well filmed here.

Title sourced from the Irish Film Archive.


 Title sourced from the Irish Film Archive.

Shot List

'Topical's exclusive pictures of the Ulster border town seized by the Sinn Feiners. Troops moving into action'. Troops marching down country lane. Close shot of artillery gun being taken into action. Armoured vehicles passing down same lane. 'Shelling the village'. Rear view long shot of artillery gun being fired in a field. Panning long shot looking down on the town of Belleek. Side-on long shot of artillery gun firing. 'General and Staff watching operations'. Medium long shot behind them as they look through binoculars. 'Entering the village'. Officers walking up hill. Men in civilian clothes (reporters?) enter through passage-way in wall. Pan shot of troops, officers and reporters in shelled area of the town. Close shot of troops resting in the street. 'Lads who took the Town'. Group of soldiers pose for the camera'.



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