Irish National Army Sweeping On

Irish National Army Sweeping On

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Bruree, Co Limerick




National Film and Television Archive


35mm, film, intertitles

black and white






British Film Institute

Rights Holder

British Film Institute

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Disagreement between pro and anti-Treaty factions led to the Irish Civil War which lasted until May 1923. The war extended into the Irish countryside where guerrilla warfare was widespread. Rare footage of the National Army in victorious action in unspecified part of the countryside. With armoured field guns and vehicles, the 'Starters' are better equipped than their opponents.

Shot List

'Irish National Army Sweeping On. Capture of another Town after brisk bombardment. Passed by Irish Censor. Topical Budget.' Men pushing a gun through a field. Firing shells. Military vehicles on a country road. One is flying the Irish flag. Soldiers getting out of vehicles. Destroyed building with 'Vote Sinn Fein IRA' written in large letters. Close up men with guns on road.


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