Hemming in the Rebels

Hemming in the Rebels

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06/07/1922 (of event)


01min 10sec




35mm, film, intertitles

black and white


National Film and Television Archive


British Film Institute

Rights Holder

British Film Institute

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The Free State Army formed in the wake of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 were attempting to control the anti-Treaty rebels on the streets of Dublin in July 1922. Footage which covers the same events as in Dublin's Civil War. It shows how curious crowds on O'Connell bridge gathered to watch the fighting. Moran's Hotel, off O'Connell Street by Marlborough Street, is shown severely damaged (used by the Irregulars). Fireman and priest acting as mediator.


There is considerable damage to this films - scratches and nitrate deterioration.

Shot List

View of an army van driving down an empty O'Connell Street towards O'Connell bridge. View from above looking down on O'Connell Street. A group of people are congregated on the bridge. 00:17 'Moran Hotel after Bombing attack'. 00:27 'Crowds watch the fighting all day long'. Ground view of a quiet crowd - probably the same as on the bridge. 00:37 'Father Albert as mediator under flag of truce'. Close up view of priest sitting in an open topped car, there is a man wearing a white jacket and holding a white flag on his right and an army/policeman on his left. 00:47 View of damaged O'Connell Street. A fireman is using a hose to put out a fire.


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