Lesser Spotted Ulster: Lough Derg

Lesser Spotted Ulster: Lough Derg

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Killeter Forest, Lough derg, Pettigo, St Patrick's Purgatory, Station Island




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25min 28sec







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Lesser Spotted Ulster comes from the border country, the Lough Derg area. This is a meeting place between 3 counties - Fermanagh, Donegal and Tyrone. This place is steeped in myths and legends both pagan and christian. Station Island, an ancient pilgrimage site situated in Lough Derg, is another one of these mythical places. Renowned and feared throughout medieval europe as St Patrick‚Äôs Purgatory it was believed that a cave on Station Island is a gateway to Purgatory. Pilgrims are ferried across to the island annually in search of spiritual cleansing.

Joe Mahon also checks out the largest man made forest in Ireland, the Killeter Forest where he learns about the dangers of deer hybridising and visits a house of well known poet and hymn writer Cecil Frances Alexander.


Presented by Joe Mahon 

Thanks to:

Mary Reid
Jim Snow
Fr. Dick Mohan
Jim Whiteside
Mary Mongan
James Patrick Collins
Seamus Curran
Gerard Curran
Alec Byrne
Stephen Hemphill


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