Martial Law in Ireland

Martial Law in Ireland

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The Northern Ireland Parliament passed the Special Powers Act in April 1922 and imposed internment in May following the murder of the MP for Woodvale, WJ Twaddell. The internees were held on the 'Argenta' and at Ballykinler until well into 1924. This footage shows scenes at the camp where thay are treated largely as prisoners of war.

Shot List

'Near Belfast. Martial Law in Ireland. Scenes in the first great concentration camp of captured Sinn Feiners who are treated as prisoners-of-war. Pathe Gazette'. 'Some 'Shinners' are camera-shy!' General views of a camp for captured Sinn Fein members at Ballykinlar. The camp is enclosed by barbed wire and there are rows of corrugated iron buildings. General views of men in the yard, parading, carrying out duties including tidying the front of their huts and marching with towels over their heads. There is a close up of a door with the word 'church' on it. Written in chalk below this is 'Our priest is on the run', and partly rubbed out below is 'We want more food'. A man is in the process of writing 'Up De Valera' and then 'IRA'.


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