Rat Racing in Crumlin

Rat Racing in Crumlin

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Crumlin, The Cobweb Bar






15min 10sec





black and white


Digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project


British Film Institute, UTV

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A Northern Irish town becomes an unlikely centre of 1969’s sporting craze. Should you put your money on Muhammad 'Mustang' Ali or Tully Tornado? Or will the Mad Barber overcome his bad luck and beat the favorites? Join Gordon Burns in Crumlin to meet the rats, check the form and watch the race. See if you can spot the gerbils amongst the rats or perhaps you’ll see a familiar face in the crowd. Then join Leslie Dawes in Bangor as the local hopefuls prepare for the world championships.

Shot List

00:00-00:26 Open on street sign: "Crumlin", zoom out to reveal anchor speaking to camera. 00:27-00:40 Large group of men walking into a bar, pan to anchor. 00:41-02:21 Close-up of paper clipping being read, zoom out to revel anchor and another man examining it. 02:22-02:45 Close-up on anchor speaking to camera. 02:46-05:20 Close-up on box with a rat pulled out of it, the rat runs around the table as the anchor interviews the owner, tilt up to owner talking, tilt back down to the rat. 05:21-07:16 The anchor now in the venue of the sport, talking as the spectators cheer and we see a rat win a race. 07:17-07:53 Commentator announces the winner and the crowd reacts loudly. 07:54-09:37 Back to the anchor now commentating on another race, see winner celebrate, anchor interviews the owner. 09:38-10:09 Different rat being placed into a tube, teased out and stroked in the owners hand. 10:10-10:23 Crowd shot. 10:24-10:47 Four owners placing rats into tubes for a race, pan to see the crowd beneath them watching and cheering. 10:48-11:02 Owner reacting to rat still in the middle of the tube. 11:03-11:47 Owners holding them again, waiting to release them for another race. 11:48-11:58 Crowd watching. 11:59-12:05 Owners, crowd and commentator celebrating the winning announcement. 12:06-12:10 Anchor sitting with owner at a table. 12:11-13:14 Close-up of rat scurrying on the table top, making intermittent movements. 13:15-13:36 Man speaking to camera explaining the game. 13:37-13:54 A rat being fed into a tube as an example. 13:55-14:16 Back to man talking. 14:17-14:27 Rat being held. 14:28-24:48 Close-up of rat being placed into a tube, following it across. 14:49-15:10 Man talking again.


Gordon Burns reports from Crumlin and Leslie Dawes reports from Bangor. Filmed by Ulster Television for Sportscast.  

Digitised as part of the BFI's Unlocking Film Heritage project.



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