Belfast Boxers

Belfast Boxers

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Belfast, Immaculata Amateur Boxing Club, Ulster Hall





30min 19sec




Super 16mm



Digitised as part of Unlocking Film Heritage


British Film Institute, DoubleBand Films Ltd.

Rights Holder

DoubleBand Films Ltd.

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Just what is it about Belfast that makes a boxer? The incredible highs and crushing lows of the Belfast's boxing community are laid bare in this documentary from DoubleBand Films.

The film poses a seemingly a simple question, why box? Is it the thrill of competition, the lure of commercial riches, the chance to compete at the Olympics, or a simple need to test oneself. Belfast Boxers explores the motivations of the Belfast boxing fraternity, as juniors and veterans, amateurs and seasoned professionals disclose their ambitions and the sacrifices they make to achieve them.



This DoubleBand Films Ltd. documentary features a number of notable boxers. Amongst the key contributors are Wayne 'The Pocket Rocket' McCullough, just embarking on a professional career that would see him crowned WBC Bantamweight champion, Dave 'Boy' McAuley, at the time the IBF Flyweight champion, Joe Lowe, an aspiring amateur, and Tom McGaharan the manager of the Immaculata Amateur Boxing Club in west Belfast.



Produced by DoubleBand Films Ltd.

Directed by Diarmuid Lavery

Producer: Michael Hewitt

Photography: Jose Maria Lara, Pat Kirby, Arnie Sirlin, Tony Mallon, David Barker, John T. Davis, Seamus Deasy.

Production Assistant: Patricia Mendieta

Film Editor: Martin Duffy

Music: Dave Early, Alistair Wallace.

Sound: Pablo Sanz, Stu Fox, David Kilpatrick, Alan Dickinson, Peter Lindsay, Brendan Deasy.

Dubbing Mixer: Ian Burns

Dubbing Editor: Rosemary Igglesden

Electricians: Charles Carson, Terry Swanston

Interviewees: Wayne McCullough, Dave McAuley, Jow Lowe, Tom McGaharan.

Participant: J.P. Turling



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