Witness Review: Deaconess Hilary McDowell

Witness Review: Deaconess Hilary McDowell

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Carrickfergus Castle, Killyleagh Castle




Transmission 19/11/1996


23min 50sec







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Paul Clark visits Witness contributor Deaconess Hilary McDowell, who has selected a couple of her favourite clips and explains why they resonated with her.

From Carrickfergus Castle, Hilary describes what it was like finding a community in the church as a child and how it made her confidence grow, something she struggled with, with her disability. This led her to work with the Presbyterian Church to help people explore their faith through the arts, like drama and mime. This allows the parables of Jesus to become real and physical and Hilary works around the country in various churches. 

Her first pick is Rev. Mark McConnell who from Killyleagh Castle  shows the painting of the 'Blue Lady', from wherever you stand in the room she gazes at you and this is reminiscent of God and how he is alway's with you. Next, is Trevor Long who originally went to his local youth club "for a good time and girls" but over the years observed those who called themselves Christians and their relationship with "a real and living Jesus" and became one himself. 

Other contributors include Sheila Quigley who tells a story about a boy who won a prize due to him bringing in a bird that needed saving and Catherine Campbell who discusses how she can relate to Jesus as everything she has suffered is something he went through himself. 


A Northland Production for UTV.



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