Witness Review: Rev. Steve Stockman

Witness Review: Rev. Steve Stockman

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Belfast, Queen's University Belfast




Transmission 19/11/1996


23min 48sec







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Paul Clark visits Witness contributor Rev. Steve Stockman, who has selected a couple of his favourite clips and explains why they resonated with him.

Steve is not what most would imagine a Presbyterian minister looks like, but he is adamant that he does not believe people should conform and "hopes at the end of the day that I don't lose myself, as God made me who I am". His current posting is at Queen's University, Belfast, and here he works everyday with young people to try and install Gods message, but above all to encourage people to learn what they personally believe. 

His first pick is Dennis Heaney, who praises God in a poem for all the good things in his life, this stuck out to Steve due to the feeling of familiarity he got from it and the message of guidance and prayer. Next up, is Fr. Michael Collins who discusses the myths around St. Patrick and how we in actual fact know very little about him and his activities. 

Other contributors include Liz Weir, whose message is about not fearing death as it is necessary for life to occur, and Rev. John Coulter who points out that people will often put time and effort into researching a holiday but not into why they truly do or do not believe in God. 


A Northland Production for UTV.



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